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irexsmall.jpg (2449 bytes) CASA Style IREX Practice Questions (CASR Part 61 compliant)

$61.00 incl GST

Product code Av6

This product contains 4  x 40 question IREX final practice exams, written by a senior check airman representing extremely well the type/depth/style of question you can expect in the real exam.


  • CASR Part 61, and new VH-OZY compliant.
  • Written in the style CASA write questions.
  • Superb focus on IREX - the silver bullet !
  • Far better bang-for-buck than any competing product.
  • Online marking with multiple attempts allowed at each exam.
  • Find your potential knowledge/understanding errors before CASA do.
  • Explanations file made available for some exam questions where significant thinking/working is required and where candidates typically fail.
  • Long 6 month access period from the date you register the exam book.
  • Also suitable also for those converting from overseas IR, or ATPL, or for IFR renewal.
  • Compatible with PC's using Edge, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, and Apple devices provided access is via the Chrome (preferred) or Firefox browsers, not Safari.

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